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This collector is suitable for thermosiphon systems with higher level supplying cold water tank, and for forced systems (direct or indirect pressurized or non-pressurized systems).

It consists of evacuated glass tubes connected vertically to a stainless steel collector. It’s insulated with high-quality polyurethane wrapped with galvanized coated steel or stainless steel. It’s possible to connect more than one collector serially to increase hot water capacity and it can be installed on flat or tilted roofs (0° - 90°).

Widely used in solar thermal projects such as residential and commercial buildings (hotels and schools), swimming pool heating, underground heating systems, and industrial applications, it’s a cost-effective effective and reliable solar collector that has an easy plug-in installation and operation.

Product code ALTHC 24 ALTHC 16
Tube dimension ø58mmx1.8mm ø58mmx1.8mm
No of tubes 24 16
Insulation foam Poly urethane 5 cm Poly urethane 5 cm
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