Why solar heater with evacuated tubes?

  1. Free energy
  2. Provide domestic hot water for 11 months a year in winter in the Middle East
  3. Good designed under customers’ requests for all markets
  4. Reasonable prices
  5. Less effected by limewater
  6. It occupies less space compared to traditional systems

Why Altawfeer company?

  1. Made in Syria.
  2. Good reputation and quality.
  3. After – sales services.
  4. Warranty for five years.
  5. Specialized engeneering team.
  6. Distribution all over Syria.

What are the main advantages of evacuated tube over flat plates collectors?

  1. Increased efficiency: due to the tabular shape of the evacuated tubes, the sun is always perpendicular to the surface of the glass for most of the day, unlike the flat plate which reaches maximum efficiency only at noon time.
  2. Minimum heat loss: since air is evacuated from the glass tubes to form a vacuum, it reduces the heat loss from the tube. This means that wind and cold temperatures have less effect on the collector’s efficiency.
  3. Freeze protection: evacuated tube collectors can be used in freezing conditions without the system being damaged, unlike the flat plates which require more sophisticated antifreeze systems which increase maintenance costs and lower efficiency